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Expected lifespan 200 (Maturity: 30)
Move 50
Size D6/2+6
Strength 4D6+3(0)+Size (Potential: 75/60)
Endurance O6+1 (Potential: 15)
Coordination (Potential: 12) O6
Awareness (Potential: 15) O6
Learning (Potential: 12) D6
Magical Aptitude (Potential: 15) O6
Armor Points 1 + Armor
Weapon Unarmed (O6+3)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 4/-2/-4/-4
Weapon2 Any weapon (2O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam (As weapon)
Dodge D6/2
Hide D6/2
Move Quietly D6/2

Physical description

Giants are a race of huge humans. Since they are a great deal larger than normal humans, they are more powerfully built so as to keep their bodies upright and movable. They have large feet to keep their balance. Their large bodies make the giants less coordinated and slower moving.


Normal clothes are furs only to keep themselves warm.

Social structure

Giants are most often settled in small groups of 10–20, living in natural caverns or large huts. Families are arranged in the same manner as human families. The original giants were allies of the now extinct Drakes.


Giants are usually hunters and gatherers. Those who have contact with dwarfs or humans may also be trading some goods.

Mental description

Giants are calm beings. They seldom engage enemies in combat, but instead they use other ways of solving disagreements.

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