From Amar RPG
Expected lifespan 1000+
Move 500 (flying) 200 (walking)
Size 30+
Strength 80+
Endurance 80+
Coordination 20+
Awareness 15+
Learning 15+
Magical Aptitude 30+
Armor Points 15+
Weapon Unarmed (30+)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 3/0/0/+10
Weapon2 Breath (30+)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 1/+5/-/25(fixed) (Rng:20m, Max=40m)
Dodge 15+
Hide 0+
Move Quietly 0+

Drakes were the ancestors of the dragons. They are mythical creatures that fought the Gods in the early wars. Drakes are rumored to be extinct as they lost their final battle against the united force of the primary Gods of Amar. Taroc led the battle and fought valiantly together with Cal Amae and other Gods. This was the crowning moment for Taroc as he became known as the God of War.

Physical description

Bigger and badder then dragons.


Drakes were naked.

Social structure

Mythology has it that Drakes were solitary creatures, choosing a mate for life. They were the allies of the original giants, who could be seen on the back of drakes fighting for their territory against ancient foes.



Mental description

Cunning, sly and suspicious.

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