Wings Of Darkness

From Amar RPG
Wings Of Darkness
Path(s) Black
A/P? P
Resist? N
Casting Time 1 round.
DR 16
Duration Instant
Range 15 m
Weight N/A
Area of Effect 1 creature

The Raven Demon

This spell is used by The Raven Demon and the only way to learn the spell is to kill The Raven Demon. When the demon is killed the player can take the soul and will immediately learn the spell. When the spell is used by The Raven Demon, his wings starts glowing and a black beam is unleashed at the target.

The Spell

A black beam will come out of the characters hands and unleash its power to the target. If the target is hit by the beam it will be thrown backwards and will lose D6+3 body points. The target will also get a -2 modifier on all skills and stats lasting for one hour.

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