Raven Demon

From Amar RPG
Raven Demon
Expected lifespan Indefinitely
Move 80 (flying) 50 (walking)
Size 6
Strength 8
Endurance 12
Coordination 8
Awareness 20
Learning 5
Magical Aptitude 35
Armor Points 10 (Soul Power)
Weapon Bone Spear (0/+3/0) (8)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 2/8/15/3
Weapon2 Dark Acid
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 6/5/-/+7 (Rng 10m) (Max 20m)
Dodge 10
Hide 5
Move Quietly 15

Physical description

Xetus, The Raven Demon is a bird looking creature with black feathers, white glowing eyes and a small mouth filled with sharp teeth. It has a purple glowing soul inside the body.


The Raven Demon is naked.


The Raven Demon trades spells for goods.

Mental Description

The Raven Demon is calm unless its attacked.

Magick Trading

The Raven Demon must be summoned using the Raven Of Darkness ritual or by the Call spell. The Raven Demon understands what human says, but can also speak the language of Demonia. The character can trade items for magick spells. Most of the spells are not learnable at Academia Magicka, like Black Magick spells, Forbidden Spells or Polymorph. But The Raven Demon also knows some other types of spells.

The most powerful spells require items like a dragon shell, a wyvern egg or a cave lion head. While less powerful spells require items like topaz or a spider web. The game master decides what items is required for the trade. Once the trade is over the demon will disappear.


The Raven Demon is neutral. If a battle were to appear, the demon prefers to use spells when in combat, but has a bone spear to defend himself. The Raven Demon can also spit a dark acid that will melt down any armor and do D6+7 BP in damage. The demon also has his own spell called Wings Of Darkness When the spell is used by The Raven Demon, his wings starts glowing and a black beam is unleashed at the target. The Raven Demon knows every black and forbidden spell with a lore of level 15.

The Soul And Special Powers

Inside the body of The Raven Demon is a purple glowing soul. The soul protects The Raven Demon with 10 armor points and immunity to poison and diseases. The Raven Demon recovers 1BP per hour and if a body part is lost it will grow back after a day. When The Raven Demon is killed his soul will still exist and start regenerating his body. If you consume the soul, you will learn the spell Wings Of Darkness and your soul will slowly fuse with his. When you die with the soul inside, he will take over your body as a temporary body as his soul is regenerating his former body back.

If you decide not to consume the soul with in one hour it will disappear and regenerate his old body back after 5 months.