Antonio The Magician

From Amar RPG

Antonio was a magician from Giellor. He died many years ago but he was known for the creator of the spell Fuse, and had learned every forbidden spell. The fuse spell was a genius creation by Antonio and it helped the people of Giellor build up their homes. But when a project was close to finished a terrible mistake happend. Antonio sent the stone to fast into the tower when he used the fuse spell, and the whole building collapsed. The people of Giellor became furious at Antonio and he was told to leave and never turn again. His spell fuse was also banished in Giellor.

Antonio flew away from Griellor and moved to a cave where he practiced the forbidden spells to become powerful. He promised himself that one day he would destroy Giellor. Antonio is also the master of Xetus, The Raven Demon.

The days went and the news about the fuse spell and Antonio spread around in Amar, and after a week the fuse spell was banished from the kingdom Amar. It goes rumors about the ghost of Antonio is still in Giellor and he uses forbidden spells to transfer his soul into new bodies to make him immortal. Who knows?