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Expected lifespan 1000 (Maturity: 100)
Move 3
Size 5O6+30
Strength 5O6+30
Endurance D6+10
Coordination 1
Awareness D6
Learning D6/2
Magical Aptitude D6+6
Armor Points D6
Weapon Unarmed (O6+3)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 2/0/-2/-4
Dodge 1
Hide O6
Move Quietly O6+6

Physical description

Treants are "tree elementals", old and wise and living in large forests. They are indistinguishable to other trees. When they don't move, they are perfectly camouflaged.


No clothing.

Social structure

Treants are usually solitary creatures, but can live in small groups/families. They are anarchistic by nature and do not obey authority.


They are occupied with taking care of the forest they live in.

Special skills

Some Treants have magical powers - usually Anashina Magick, Innate Magick or of course Natural Magick.

Mental description

Treants are usually slow thinkers, grumpy introverts.

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