Compacting information

From Amar RPG

To make descriptions short & sweet, you can use the most compact information format possible - a HyperList.

You can use the simplest of HyperListS to make compact adventure descriptions like this (the number of each room would correspond to numbers on the map):

 1. Entrance
     Description = Damp, moist walls, some critter sounds, four torches (one in each corner) (torchlight = -1/-2 in combat)
     Trap = Trap door marked with X (Detect Trap DR 8), fall 5 meters on small spikes (D+4 dam & D-2 poison)
     Encounter = Two trollkin guards on opposite door
         Guard 1 = 2H Spear: 2/6/+1 8/1/6 (2sp, 4cp)
         Guard 2 = Halberd: 2/5/+2 8/1/7 (3sp, 14cp & Note saying "Kill Bargash")
 2. Hall
     Decription = Small hall with 2x4 pilars, one torch on each, big doors on opposite side
     Encounter = 4 skeletons (AWARE roll DR 9 to avoid surpirse attack)
         4xSkeletons = Long Sw. & Round Shield: 3/5/0 7/2/4
     Treasure = Hidden in south wall (Detect Traps DR 10 to find): Small chest w/3gp

Note the format for the encounters:

 Weapon: Initiative/Offense/Damage Defense/ArmorPoints/HitPoints (valuables carried).

A longer format for encounters (when more info is required):

 Name SIZE/STRNG/ENDUR/COORD/LEARN/AWARE/MAGAP Weapon1 (skill): Ini/Off/Dam Def/AP/HP Weapon2 (skill): Ini/Off/Dam Def/AP/HP Skill1=Value Skill2=Value Skill3=Value (valuables carried)