Water Barrier

From Amar RPG
Water Barrier
Path(s) Water
A/P? P
Resist? N
Casting Time 2 rounds
DR 11
Duration 2 rounds
Range 5 m
Weight N/A
Area of Effect ½ m radius

Creates a circular barrier of water that will slowdown projectiles. The barrier will make it 1DR harder + 1 each level to hit a target inside the barrier. If a projectile is shot from inside of the water barrier, a hole will open in the barrier and let the projectile fly through. The water barrier will also open for anyone or anything going through the barrier from inside. If creatures walk through the barrier from outside they will get a negative status depending on the water barrier level:

Water Barrier
Level Description
Level 1 -1 In combat status, from the water.
Level 2 -1 in status on all physical skills, from the water.
Level 3 -2 in combat status and -1 on all physical skills, from the water.
Level 4 The water stops creatures on the outside from going through, while projectiles still go through.
Level 5 The water stops both creatures and other projectiles on the outside from going through. The barrier still opens when something goes through the barrier from the inside.

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