Unequally buffing

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Unequal buffing

It's a ritual that enchants a weapon and buffs the stats dependent on the race holding it. The Unequally buffing fades after the owner has died.

Human = +3 Learning

Dwarf = +2 Body Points

Lizard man = +1 Armor Point (strengthen skin)

Half Elf = +3 Sleight

Trollkin = +3 Endurance

Demon = +3 Magical Aptitude

Centaur = +3 Offensive

Elf = +3 Learning

Giant = +3 Strength

Goblin = +3 Awareness


  • ONE of heart of every creature that will get the buff(on the list below)

Human, Dwarf, Lizard man, Half Elf, Trollkin, Demon, Centaur, Elf, Giant, Goblin,

  • 10 carat ruby
  • A list of all the enemies it has killed