Summon Elemental

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Summon Elemental
Path(s) Air, Earth, Fire, Summoning, Water, Ice
A/P? -
Resist? N
Casting Time 5 min.
DR 11
Duration 2 min.
Range 1 m
Weight N/A
Area of Effect 1 elemental*
Water elemental.jpg

The elemental uses 1 round to manifest. You must have a sufficient amount of the element for the elemental to form a body or the spell will fail. Elementals are hostile to life and will try to kill all living creatures, starting with the summoner.

Attributes/Skills Air Earth Fire Water
Strength 1/level 3/level 1/level 2/level
Coordination 3/level 1/level 2/level 2/level
Learning 2 1 2 2
Awareness 2/level 1/level 2/level 1/level
Magical Aptitude 2/level 2/level 2/level 2/level
“Size” 5/level 1/level 1/level 3/level
Weight None Size table x 5 None Size table
Body Points 3/level 3/level 3/level 3/level
Armor Points 0 2/level 0 0
Move 36 6 12 12
Offensive Push of level x 2 2/level 2/level 1(3)/level
Defensive 3/level 1/level 2/level 1(3)/level
Damage* As Push spell d-4+2/level d-2+1/level d-7+1/level
Hide* 20 15 20 20
Move Quietly* 20 10 20 15
*The damage for elementals includes any damage bonus. Hide and move quietly is in own element. They do not need cover to hide in own element. Elementals heal 1 BP per hour of rest in own element.

() The number in parenteses is in water.

Air elementals: can be damaged by silver or magick weapons. An air elemental can lift 10 kg per point of strength.

Earth elementals: can be damaged by any type of weapon.

Fire elementals: Can be damaged by silver or magick weapons. Take 1 BP of damage per liter of water thrown on them. Magick fire heals instantly as many BP as it normally does damage. If you are within fighting range (1–2 m) of a fire elemental, you receive d–5 +1 per full 2 levels of damage per round.

Water elementals: Can be damaged by silver or magick weapons. Must be in contact with the water it was summoned from. It can reach out 1/2 m per size from that water. It can scare off unintelligent life in the water. It can adjust the swimming skill of someone by 3 per level by assisting or hindering.

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