Slime Creature

From Amar RPG
Slime Creature
Path(s) Swamp
A/P? P
Resist? N
Casting Time 3 rounds
DR 9
Duration 1 min.
Range 5 m
Area of Effect 1 Slime

Creates mud slimes out of ½ m radius off mud. The slime takes ¼ damage from melee weapons and non-magick projectiles. Anything that comes in contact with the slime will be swallowed by the mud.

Mud Slimes
Level Description
Level 1 The slime has 4BP and a dodge skill of 3. The slime moves ½m/second.
Level 2 The slime has 6BP and a dodge skill of 5. The slime moves 1m/second.
Level 3 The slime has 8BP and a dodge skill of 7. The slime moves 2m/second and has the ability to jump (½ m upwards and 1 m forwards.)

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