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The difficulty ratings in the table are for horseback riding. The GM should make adjustments for other animals.

DR Action
0 Trot or gallop on road
3 Trot or gallop in terrain
6 Gallop through forest / jump easy obstacle
9 Gallop through dense forest / jump obstacle 1.5 m high*
12 Jump obstacle 2 meters high*
15 Jump obstacle 2 meters high* with little room
+3 Without saddle
* How high you can jump depends on the horse. Given heights assume the horse can jump this high.

When fighting from horseback, the character gets a penalty in all weapon skills and dodge. The amount depends upon the horse, see the mounted combat table.

Each round of combat from horseback, a ride roll is made to see if the character controls the horse. If the roll is not successful, the character may not attack that round, and gets an additional -5 in parry or dodge. If the roll fails by more than 5, the character falls off (counts as a 2 meter fall). DR is given in the mounted combat table.

Mounted Combat
Horse Penalty DR
War horse 1 5
Battle-trained horse 3 10
Riding horse 5 15

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