From Amar RPG
Expected lifespan 30
Move 80
Size D6+2
Strength D6+6
Endurance D6+5
Coordination D6+2
Awareness D6+2
Learning D6/2
Magical Aptitude 0
Armor Points 1
Weapon Unarmed (D6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-2
Dodge D6/2
Hide D6/2
Move Quietly D6/2

General description

A mule is a cross­breed between a male donkey and a mare. The cross between a stallion and a female donkey is known as a hinny. The male gives the most dominant characteristics. A mule has the long ears and slender legs and hooves of the donkey and the height and weight of the horse. They are more sure-footed than the horse and they work better in different conditions. They can manage well in extreme temperatures.

Social structure

Mules are sterile and only 1% of the hinnies are fertile.


As horses except that they can make do with less and coarser food.

Mental description

Mules are calmer than horses and they don’t react as much to bad treatment. They should not be hurried. They should be persuaded firmly but gently.

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