Make Familiar

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Make Familiar
Path(s) Air, Black, Earth, Life, Water
A/P? -
Resist? Y
Casting Time 12 hours
DR 11
Duration Perm.
Range Touch
Weight 50 kg
Area of Effect 1 animal*
Sea creature.jpg

A person may only have one familiar at a time. You can not make a familiar for someone else. See the table below for the effect(s) of the spell. You also get all the effects listed below the level you cast. Even though you may communicate with your familiar, it will still have the understanding and intelligence of the animal it is.

Make Familiar
Level Effect
1 Familiar is a good friend
2 Communicate with familiar
3 Use MA of familiar
4 Telepathy with familiar
5 Use senses of familiar
6 Cast spell through familiar

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