Light Path

From Amar RPG

These are the Light Path spells of the Amar Evolutionary Magick System.

Spell Description Requirements
Rank 1
Increase Light Multiplies the intensity (effect) of the light source by 1 + 1 per level.
Rank 2
Light Lights a sphere with a radius of 1 m per level.
Rank 3
Cone Of Light The palm of the caster emits a cone of light.
Rank 4
Flash Gives a bright flash of light temporarily impairing the sight of those looking at it. It gives -1 status per every other level to those looking in the direction of the flash when it goes off. This penalty is reduced by 1 per meter of distance from the flash, and is further reduced by 1 per round.
Rank 5
Night Vision Makes the target able to see in the dark like a cat. Twilight is treated as normal light, moonlight as twilight and starlight as moonlight.