Heat Smoke

From Amar RPG
Heat Smoke
Path(s) Fire
A/P? A
Resist? N
Casting Time 3 rounds
DR 11
Duration 3 rounds
Range 1 m
Area of Effect ½ m radius

When the spell is used, a black-red smoke will appear. The spell level has special actions that unlock as the spell level increase. The caster can choose what actions the smoke will do, as long as the level is high enough.

Heat Smoke
Actions Level Description
Uncomfortable Heat Level 1 Gives -2 in status to every creature inside the smoke.
Burning Heat Level 2 Every creatures inside the smoke lose D6-3 (minimum 1) body points every round.
Fire Level 4 The smoke creates fire on burnable objects. Creatures inside the smoke will now take D6-2 (minimum 1) bodypoints every round.
Blinding Smoke Level 5 The smoke prevents creatures from seeing. All creatures will be blinded and get -5 in awarness.

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