Forest Hands

From Amar RPG
Forest Hands
Path(s) Swamp, Anashina
A/P? P
Resist? N
Casting Time 1 round
DR 7
Duration 2 rounds
Range 10 n
Weight N/A
Area of Effect 1 C*

The spell is cast on a target and a tree. The tree will try to capture the targeted creature with its branches, after the duration of the spell the targeted creature will be let free.

Every level the branches get +2 in strength and unarmed. Small sized trees start with 1 in unarmed and strength. Normal sized with 2, and big sized trees with 3 in unarmed and strength. The tree does a grapple roll to see if it captures its target. At level 3 the caster can control the tree's branches after the targeted creature has been captured.

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