From Amar RPG
Path(s) Fire
A/P? -
Resist? N
Casting Time 1 round
DR 11
Duration Instant.
Range 5 m
Weight N/A
Area of Effect ½ m radius

A tiny ball of flame thrown from the hand of the caster. The ball explodes in a fireball of the described size when it reaches the desired range, or the maximum range if this is shorter. If the tiny ball hits something solid on its way, it explodes immediately. The fireball does d-3 +1 per level in damage as well as igniting flammable materials as an ignite spell of the same level. If the fireball explodes in a small room or other enclosed space, it will overflow through any openings until it fills the volume it is supposed to fill.

The skill of Pointing (+5) is used to determine if this spell hits its intended target.

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