From Amar RPG
Path(s) Black, Life
A/P? P
Resist? N
Casting Time 10 min.
DR 14
Duration 1 min.
Range Self
Weight N/A
Area of Effect Self

Allows the spirit of the caster to “step out” of the body. He may cast spells as usual while in spirit form. Perception, speed of movement, and range of movement from the body is described in the tables below. At level 4 the spirit can move through liquids, at level 7 it can move through solids.

Perception of Exteriorized Spirits
Level Perception
1 No perception
2 Very poor vision, able to find body to possess
3 Poor vision (awareness 1)
4 Normal vision, poor hearing
5 Good vision, normal hearing, poor smell
6 Very good vision, good hearing, normal smell, poor tactile/taste
7 Very good vision and hearing, good smell, normal tactile/taste
8 Very godd vision, hearing and smell, good tactile/taste
Movement of Exteriorized Spirits
Level Speed Range
1 1m
2 1 m/s 20 m
3 2 m/s 50 m
4 5 m/s 100 m
5 10 m/s 200 m
6 20 m/s 500 m
7 50 m/s 1 000 m
8 100 m/s Unlimited

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