Elemental Path

From Amar RPG

These are the Elemental Path spells of the Amar Evolutionary Magick System.

Spell Description Requirements
Rank 1
Breeze Creates a gentle breeze towards a target.
Ignite Spark Creates a small and warm spark.
Watering Waters a target with 1dL per level.
Compress Compresses sand and dust into small stones resembling gravel. Higher levels of the spell creates larger stones.
Rank 2
Extinguish Extinguishes a natural fire. One of the Rank 1 spells in the Elemental Path
Warmth Keeps the caster warm. Ignite Spark
Slake Slakes the targeted creature. Watering
Minor Pulverize Pulverizes a small object made out of stone with a weight of 2kg per level. Compress
Rank 3
Whispering Winds Creates a weak wind with a message from the caster that will travel to the selected target or targets. The wind moves 4m/s. Breeze
Glue Glues the touching surface of two objects together. The spell holds 25 kg per level, and requires a strength of 2 per level to break apart. Minor Pulverize
Water Sphere Creates a sphere of water large enough to fit inside your hand. Slake