From Amar RPG
Expected lifespan 200 (maturity: 20)
Move 25
Size D6/2
Strength O6+3 (Potential: 18/15)
Endurance O6+6 (Potential: 24)
Coordination O6 (Potential: 12)
Awareness O6 (Potential: 12)
Learning O6 (Potential: 12)
Magical Aptitude 0 (usually)
Armor Points As armor
Weapon Unarmed (O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-4
Weapon2 Any weapon
Ini/Off/Def/Dam (As weapon)
Dodge O6-1
Hide O6
Move Quietly O6
Skill1 Craft (weapon/armor/…) (2O6)

Physical description

Dwarfs are small but powerfully built humanoids. They are usually not pretty in human terms of beauty. Almost all male dwarfs have large beards.


Dwarfs normally dress in whatever is practical. They prefer brown or gray colored sturdy clothes. They wear wool, leather or fur when the temperature is low. The weapons and armor made by dwarfs are exceptional and unique in quality. They specialize in all kinds of metal and stone work. The artistic metal work is seen especially on their armor and weapons, but never at the expense of their practicallity.

Social structure

Dwarfs live in caverns beneath the earth. They have human­like families. The females seldom get pregnant and more than half a dozen children per family is rare. The society is well organized but there are no strict social rank systems. Males outnumber females by two to one.


Some of the dwarfs are hunters, farmers or fishermen, and some are traders. Many dwarfs work with crafts such as smithing, sculpturing, leather working or gem cutting. Quite a few are also miners, and all able bodied men are members of the militia.

Special skills

Dwarfs are very proud of their work and they really specialize in what they do for a living. They usually obtain very high skills since they become quite old. Due to their bodies (and deep fear of water) they must subtract 2 in riding when on a normal horse and 5 from their potential swimming skill. Dwarves have +3 in magical defense.

Mental description

Dwarfs are very stubborn by nature. They have a very high combat morale and they seldom surrender. They love to work as they know there are rewards for their hard labor. Dwarfs are greedy and they seldom give up anything for nothing, and especially not if it is precious metal or gems. They are very fond of food and drink.

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