Dispel Perception Magic

From Amar RPG
Dispel Perception Magic
Path(s) Perception
A/P? P
Resist? N
Casting Time 1 round
DR 3
Duration 1 round
Range 5 m
Weight N/A
Area of Effect 1 spell* or 1 C* or area

If cast on an area or a creature it dispels all spells in the area or on the creature with a total (DR+level) less than the level of the dispel magic. It may dispel only some of the spells if they have different totals. Spells are not dispelled as such, but only suppressed for the duration of the dispel magic. An area dispel magic is only effective as long as the spell remains within the area, but it also works on spells entering the area after the dispel magic has been cast. The effect of an area dispel magic is reduced by 1 per 5 meters from the center. If it is cast on a particular spell, it permanently dispels it. The magic version works on spells from any path, the other versions only work on spells from their own path.

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