Detect Traps

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Detect Traps

This skill is used for detecting traps, secret doors and other mechanical devices.

With this skill the character can detect any suspicious cracks in the wall/floor, protruding knobs, tripwires, etc. If the character’s roll is successful, the GM should only tell the player what the character actually can see. From this information the player has to figure out for himself how it works. For disarming traps or opening secret doors, have the player describe what the character does so the GM can decide whether or not it is successful. If there are more than one thing to detect, roll once for each. The DRs below are for actively searching. If not actively searching, add 5 to the DR. Well-made devices may have higher DRs than those given in the table.

Detect Traps
DR “Trap”
1–5 Tripwire
5–9 Pit trap
5–12 Secret door
10–15 Small mechanism in ornament
7–10 Loose brick in wall
7–10 Needle trap in chest
–3 Torch light etc.
–5…–10 Dark

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