Crystal of Spell Storing

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Crystal of Spell Storing
DR 15
Duration Permanent

The bearer of this crystal can store a certain amount of spells that he or she can later use. The bearer casts a spell into the crystal and can activate that spell instantly at a later time. Technically, this is resolved as follows: The player states that the character stores a certain spell into the crystal and deducts one MA as usual, but does not throw the dice to see if the spell is successful. Instead, the player rolls the dice once the spell is activated.

A Crystal of Spell Storing is a very powerful Magick Item as the bearer can cast the stored spell instantly at the beginning of a round in addition to doing any other action that round such as engaging in combat or cast a spell at the end of the round as usual.

The spell stored is personal - no one else may use the stored spell. Very rarely one may find Magick Items with stored spells that are not personal and can be used by anyone.

Upon creating the crystal, the maker will permanently sacrifice 5 MA that will not be regained daily or even monthly, it must be regained through training or experience.

A crystal can only store one spell, and it will seep out of the crystal after one week.

A Crystal of Spell Storing may of course be forged into any item such as a staff or sword, etc.

A Crystal of Spell Storing usually cost 20gp.


  • A 10 carat diamond.
  • A small gift from a fearie (is fused with the crystal during the ritual).
  • A blessing from a creature with more than 15 MA.
  • A relevant poem lasting the full 2 minutes of the ritual (DR 8 in Poem Recital).

The crystal will rest for one week after the ritual is completed before it can be used.

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