Crystal of Magic Power Storing

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Crystal of Magic Power Storing
DR 12
Duration Permanent

The bearer of this crystal amulet can store a certain amount of MA that he or she can later use for casting spells. The bearer can take some of his or her own MA and transfer it into the crystal. It will seep out of the crystal at the rate of one per week if left unused. It works like this: Aleena the Air Mage has 9 in MA and owns a Crystal of Magic Power Storing with a capacity of 4. She wakes up in the morning, well rested and with her full 9 in MA. She transfers 4 MA to the Crystal. She now has 5 in active MA and the Crystal has 4 MA. The next day, she will regain her full MA. She than has 9 in MA and the Crystal still has 4, leaving her with an effective 13 MA for casting spells. The Crystal will start losing MA after a week (one MA per week).

The bearer may not use MA stored in a Crystal to boost any rolls. It is only for casting spells. The MA is personal - no one else may use "her" stored MA.

The capacity of the Crystal equals how much the Natural Magick roll exceeds the DR. The DR is 12, so if the maker gets a Natural Magick roll of 15, a Crystal with a storing capacity of 3 can be made - but only if the maker sacrifices 3 of his or her own MA. This means that maker will lose 3 MA permanently - it will not be regained daily or monthly, it must be retrained through normal training or experience.

A Crystal of Magic Power Storing may of course be forged into any item such as a staff or sword, etc.

A Crystal of Magic Power Storing usually cost some 5gp plus 1gp per capacity.


  • A 4 carat diamond.
  • A small gift from a fearie (is fused with the crystal during the ritual).
  • A blessing from a creature with more than 12 MA.
  • A relevant poem lasting the full 2 minutes of the ritual (DR 8 in Poem Recital).

The crystal will rest for one week after the ritual is completed before it can be used.

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