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Survival Lore

This skill covers the gathering of food such as herbs and small animals without special equipment. It also covers such things as making a fire, provide cover for the night, etc. It does not cover hunting with weapons. It does include fishing. If you want to survive in the wilderness, you hunt and you use your survival lore. One roll is made every day. If successful, a day’s ration is found. An unsuccessful roll means no food that day. You get an extra day’s ration per 5 above the DR. The difficulty rating for the various terrains are:

Survival Lore
DR Terrain
0 Much food and water, jungle, flourishing forest with many small animals and fish to catch
1 Prospering forest, small animals and fish
3 Normal forest in summer
6 Open grassland / forest in winter
7 Mountainland / grassland in winter
8 Dry grassland / mountain with little vegetation
10 Dry grassland / forest in winter
12 Desert with some vegetation
15 Desert with “no” vegetation

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