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This page is a collection of ideas for new or changed rules of the AMAR RPG.

Dynamic Spells System

A fully dynamic spells system has been floating for years. The idea is to let characters compose any spell within a path and calculate a totat DR for casting the spell. The table below shows a set of spell charactersitics and a corresponding DR for each. Simply add the DR for each characteristic (column) to get the total DR for that spell.

Dynamic Spells System
DR A/P Resist? CT Dur Rng Weight AoE (+/-Dam) (Senses)
0 A Y 3h Inst. T 1g 0 D-4
1 30m 1r 1m 1kg 1m D-2 1
2 5m 2r 5m 5kg 5m D
3 P N 1m 5r 10m 20kg 10m D+2 2
4 5r 1m 20m 100kg 20m D+4 3
5 2r 5m 50m 300kg 50m D+6 4
6 1r 30m 100m 1000kg 100m D+8 5
A Lightning Bolt with a Range of 20 meters (DR 4), doing D+2 in Damage (DR 3) and with a Casting Time of 1 Round (DR 6) would have a total DR of 13.
A Silence spell (affects one sense, DR 1) with Casting Time of 5 Rounds (DR 4), Duration of 2 Rounds (DR 2) and non-resistable (DR 3) would have a total DR of 10.