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Note that this system is still work in progress.

The Evolutionary Magick is a new, simplified magic system that changes the way spells are learnt, and their effect as they level up. While making the system simpler, it also allows magic casters to easier get an huge variety of spells to use from.

The Evolutionary Magick system doesn't change the whole process of doing magick, things that aren't noted here will work as it does in the original system.

The Magick Skills

The Evolutionary Magick only changes the way spell magick works.

There are three different kinds of skills in the Evolutionary Magick system, the magick lore, the spell path, and the spell level. While the magick lore is the same as in the original system, the spell path is used to "evolve" your spells into other spells that are alike. Leveling up a spell path will allow you to use new, upgraded versions of the original spell. The spell path also pays a roll in the casting of the spells.

When casting a spell the player must roll a dice and add it to the spell path. The total must equal or exceed the DR (5 + the spell's path rank + the spell's level)

When a player uses a spell, the player gets one experience mark in the path skill.

Evolution of Spells

There are multiple, different spell paths in the Evolutionary Magick System. To learn a new spell within a path, one must get a teacher, book or you'd had to do your own spell research. When you get your chance to increase in an attribute or skill, roll a d6 and add your current value. The result must be equal to or less than the potential. A roll of 1 is always a success, while a roll of 6 is always a failure. If you fail, you get to keep one experience mark. Multiple failures to increase give accumulated experience marks until you automatically increase in that attribute or skill. The potential in a specific magic path is the Magic Lore. You cannot learn a spell of a level that is higher than your path lore level.


Ok, so you know Fil, right? Our hero, yes. He wants to level up in his Lightningbolt level. Currently Fil has a lightningbolt in 6, and his Electrify path is currently 7. If Fil were to level up his lightningbolt to 7, he would reach his current maximum potential in the lightningbolt spell level. If Fil wants to level up in lightningbolt even more, he would have to level up his Electrify path. The different spells, and which category they belong to are listed here:

Basic Spell Paths

Advanced Spell Paths

Forbidden Paths

The forbidden spells are, as in the original system, used in a different way, after a player has successfully prepared the spell (exceeding the DR of the spell with a dice throw), the player must throw a dice and if the player gets 1, 2 or 3 the spell will fail and count as a fumble. If the player gets 4, 5 or 6 on the dice the spell will work and count as critical.