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Ram (Bighorn Sheep)
Expected lifespan 12
Move 60
Size D6/2+1
Strength O6+7
Endurance O6+4
Coordination O6+6
Awareness O6+5
Learning D6/2
Magical Aptitude 0
Armor Points 1
Weapon Unarmed (O6+5)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-1/-4/-1
Dodge O6
Hide O6
Move Quietly O6
Climb O6+6

General description

Bighorn Sheep usually live in or around the Dwarven Mountains north of the Kingdom of Amar. Some are domesticated by humans in the northern parts of the Kingdom.


Rams are herbivores. They typically eat seeds, grass and plants. Their diet changes depending on the season, though. In the summer, they eat grasses or sedges and in the winter, bighorns eat woody plants, such as sage, willow and rabbit brush.

Mental description

The domesticated Rams are more mild mannered and less eager to attack. Old males may be extremely grouchy though.

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