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Domain Moon, Timekeeping
Signifying Number 28
Symbol Ielina.png
Holy Day 28 Mestronorpha
Special Powers Perception Magick, Awareness (& skills)
Priest Rank Seer
Ielina's Attributes
Size 4
Strength 25
Endurance 80
Coordination 50
Learning 18
Awareness 80
Magical Aptitude 40
AP/BP/MD 5/34(immortal)/40
Melee Weapon LongSw(+5)/Sh(+5)
Off/Def/Dam 40/45/+13
Missile Weapon Bow(+4)
Off/Dam/Range 40/+5/1000
Magic: Perception 80
Spells All spells < DR 80

Ielina is one of the six Primary Gods. She is the Keeper of Time, the Watchful Eye, looking down upon the World when Ikalio is not there. She is worshipped by those seeking to discover truth through the senses.

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