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Domain Wine & Food
Signifying Number 3
Symbol Ztenasie.png
Holy Day 1 Juba
Special Powers Cooking
Priest Rank Master Chef
Ztenasie's Attributes
Size 4
Strength 15
Endurance 15
Coordination 15
Learning 10
Awareness 10
Magical Aptitude 30
AP/BP/MD 5/15(immortal)/15
Melee Weapon Frying pan(+3)
Off/Def/Dam 20/25/+7
Missile Weapon Throwing knife(+3)
Off/Dam/Range 20/+6/50
Magic: Ztenasie 30
Spells All spells < DR 30

The God of wine, food, taste and the better sides of life is the daughter of Alesia and an unknown entity. She is often seen in the company of Juba adn other Gods and Demigods that appreciate excellent food, parties and company.

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