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{{ infobox
{{ infobox
| abovestyle  = background:#0e5a2c; color:white
| abovestyle  = background:#0e5a2c; color:white
| bodystyle  = width:350px
| above      = White Shark
| above      = White Shark
| label1      = Expected lifespan
| label1      = Expected lifespan

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White Shark
Expected lifespan 70
Move 70
Size D6+18
Strength D6+18
Endurance D6+12
Coordination D6+6
Awareness D6+3
Learning ½
Magical Aptitude 0
Armor Points 2
Weapon Unarmed (D6+1)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-1/-3/+3
Dodge D6/2+3
Hide 1
Move Quietly 12

General description

Sharks are perhaps the most feared creatures of the sea. They are very persistent and savage mannered. Sharks are famous for their “feeding frenzy” when they smell blood. They will then slash anything, including each other. The sharks continue to grow as long as they live. The white shark or the “great white” is actually not white, but gray. The upper side of its torpedo shaped body is medium gray, the underside is light gray. The teeth are triangular with sharp points and sawlike sides. As other pelagic fish, the white shark is dependant on constant swimming to get oxygen. Also typical is its lack of a swimming bladder. A shark unable to swim will therefore sink and suffocate.

Social structure

The white shark is usually solitary, but it will gather in packs if a large amount of prey is around, as a sinking ship or a dead whale.


The white shark relies entirely on its scent, which is extremely well developed. A white shark will turn its head from side to side to find where a smell comes from, then swim straight at it until it can make visual contact. The shark will then attack without hesitation. It will open its mouth wide while swimming towards its victim. With an open mouth, it is actually unable to see its target. This makes it fairly easy for an agile target to dodge a white shark. Only sudden death can stop an attacking shark. The shark is entirely carnivorous.

Mental description

Even though the tiger shark kills more people, the great white is a far more dangerous killer. If a lonely “great white” discovers a dead fellow shark of its own species, it will nervously disappear.

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