From Amar RPG
Expected lifespan 100 (Maturity: 15)
Move 30
Size D6/2
Strength O6 (Potential: 12/10)
Endurance O6+1 (Potential: 15)
Coordination O6 (Potential: 12)
Awareness O6+1 (Potential: 15)
Learning D6/2
Magical Aptitude 0
Armor Points As armor
Weapon Unarmed (O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-4
Weapon2 2H spear (small) (O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 2/0/+2/-2
Dodge O6+1
Hide O6+1
Move Quietly O6+1

Physical description

Trollkins are lesser Trolls. They are distant relatives, but have grown to form their own lesser societies, usually living in forests away from pesky humans. Unfortunately, that is also where the all too dominant Trolls live.


Trollkins wear fur or clothes stolen from humans.

Social structure

Trollkins have strong family bonds. Hierarchy is quite strict. They never betray family members as they do just about everyone else.


When they are not slaving for Trolls, they are hunters and gatherers.

Special skills

Trollkins have +3 in Magick Defense.

Mental description

Trollkins are survivors and adapts easily to new situations (like being bully-slaves for Trolls. They pretend to be meek while at the same time always looking to gain the upper hand. They backstab at the flip of a coin.

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