Time Lords

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Time Lords
Domain Time
Signifying Number
Symbol Timelords.png
Holy Day (None)
Special Powers (None)
Priest Rank (None)
Time Lord's Attributes
Size 10
Strength 50
Endurance 50
Coordination 50
Learning 25
Awareness 25
Magical Aptitude 50
AP/BP/MD 15/40(immortal)/60
Melee Weapon Various (5 different)
Off/Def/Dam 50/55/+20
Missile Weapon Various (5 different)
Off/Dam/Range 40/+12/300
Magic: Time 100
Spells All spells < DR 100

Time Lords are one of the six Primary Gods. The are 5 in number but considered one God. Their names are: Kortan, Kortal, Kortar, Korten and Kortel. They are indistinguishable as entities beyond their names. Time Lords are not worshipped - there are no known Time Lord cults.

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