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{{ infobox
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| above      = Sparrow Hawk
| above      = Sparrow Hawk
| label1      = Expected lifespan
| label1      = Expected lifespan

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Sparrow Hawk
Expected lifespan 15
Move 400
Strength ¼
Endurance D6
Coordination 2D6+9
Awareness 2D6+8
Learning 1
Magical Aptitude 0
Armor Points 0
Weapon Unarmed (D6/2)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-4
Dodge D6
Hide D6+3
Move Quietly D6+6

General description

The sparrow hawk is a small gray bird the size of a pigeon. It is usually somewhat untidy in its appearance. Eyes and legs are yellow. The tail is long. The female is a bit larger than the male. Males’ breasts are red brown with black stripes, females have white breasts with black stripes. The back is slate gray. The wingtips are rounded. The sparrow hawk is found in most terrain types.

Social structure

They are solitary.


Sparrow hawks feed mainly on small birds, which they pursue with great speed. They will often sit quietly on a branch and then suddenly lift off to pursue a passing bird. Another hunting method is to fly low above the ground in open landscape and take their prey by surprise.

Special skills

A sparrow hawk is able to maneuver fast even in deep forest.

Mental description

A sparrow hawk will easily become used to people and they are easy to tame. Wild sparrow hawks will usually not fear humans, but will defend killed prey or nests with great courage.

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