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Domain Lava
Signifying Number 7
Symbol Parkoan.png
Holy Day 14 Taroc
Special Powers Lava Magick
Priest Rank Lava Mage
Parkoan's Attributes
Size 5
Strength 35
Endurance 35
Coordination 35
Learning 18
Awareness 20
Magical Aptitude 70
AP/BP/MD 10/25(immortal)/35
Melee Weapon Mace of the Deep(+7)
Off/Def/Dam 40/45/+21
Missile Weapon Lava Javelin(+4)
Off/Dam/Range 35/+15/50
Magic: Lava 70
Spells All spells < DR 70

A firestorm of a God, volcanic, eruptive and passionate. Parkoan is the commander of the Deepest Caverns, the God of Lava, the Gatekeeper of Hell. He is not evil, nor good. He stands between our world and that of Mestronorpha's. He collects fees from those travelling from one side to the other, across his ocean of molten rock.

His followers seek to master the molten heat and emerge as Lava Mages. He has many dwarven worshippers.

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