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Domain Judgement
Signifying Number 3
Symbol Moltan.png
Holy Day 3 Moltan
Special Powers Awareness
Priest Rank Judge
Moltan's Attributes
Size 12
Strength 40
Endurance 40
Coordination 30
Learning 25
Awareness 20
Magical Aptitude 50
AP/BP/MD 5/40(immortal)/30
Melee Weapon Hammer of Judgement(+8)
Off/Def/Dam 45/50/+25
Missile Weapon Hammer of Judgement(+8)
Off/Dam/Range 35/+20/30
Magic: Moltan 50
Spells All spells < DR 50

Moltan is the Judge among the Gods. His verdicts are final whenever other Gods asks for his judgement. He is worshipped bu judges and those upholding law and order in the lands.

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