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Domain Evil Deeds
Signifying Number 6
Symbol Mestronorpha.png
Holy Day 6 Mestronorpha
Special Powers Black Magic
Priest Rank Servant
Mestronorpha's Attributes
Size 10
Strength 40
Endurance 50
Coordination 40
Learning 20
Awareness 20
Magical Aptitude 80
AP/BP/MD 15/30(immortal)/40
Melee Weapon HellFire Sword(+8)/ FireShield (+8)
Off/Def/Dam 50/60/+25
Missile Weapon Great Bow(+5)
Off/Dam/Range 40/+15/500
Magic: Dark 80
Spells All spells < DR 80

Mestronorpha is evil. Pure evil and selfishness. He utilizes all the tricks possible for his own personal power and expect the same from his minions. His worshippers are lucky if they ever attend the rank of Servant to this great Master of the Underworld. Mestronorpha specializes in the necromancy part of Black Magick.

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