Man Peggon

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Man Peggon
Domain Strength
Signifying Number 5
Symbol Manpeggon.png
Holy Day 4 Man Peggon
Special Powers Strength
Priest Rank Lord
Man Peggon's Attributes
Size 30
Strength 100
Endurance 100
Coordination 40
Learning 5
Awareness 10
Magical Aptitude 20
AP/HP/MD 19/93(immortal)/40
Melee Weapon Huge Herc Cl(+10)
Off/Def/Dam 50/55/+60
Missile Weapon Great Giant Bow(+10)
Off/Dam/Range 25/+20/600
Magic: Man Peggon 20
Spells All spells < DR 20

Man Peggon stands tall, well above the other Gods. This giant among giants is the strongest of all entities. While not very bright, he has a good heart and a good sense of fairness. He is not so commonly worshipped.

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