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Domain Trading
Signifying Number 2
Symbol Mailatroz.png
Holy Day 14 Taroc
Special Powers Trading Skills
Priest Rank Master Merchant
Mailatroz's Attributes
Size 4
Strength 25
Endurance 25
Coordination 25
Learning 20
Awareness 10
Magical Aptitude 20
AP/BP/MD 8/20(immortal)/15
Melee Weapon Scimitar(+4) & Dagger(+2)
Off/Def/Dam 30/35/+14
Missile Weapon Heavy X-bow(+4)
Off/Dam/Range 25/+7/200
Magic: Mailatroz 30
Spells All spells < DR 30

Mailatroz is the God of merchants and traders. The ultimate deal maker, sales man and haggler. He has a vast knowledge of all kinds of trading goods. He is the son of Ikalio and one of Shalissa's lesser know daughters, Triania. He brings light and life to human commerce in a swift and elegant way.

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