Lizard Man

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Lizard Man
Expected lifespan 60 (Maturity: 10)
Move 25
Size D6/2+1
Strength O6+6(4) (Potential: 18/15)
Endurance O6+3 (Potential: 18)
Coordination O6 (Potential: 12)
Awareness O6 (Potential: 12)
Learning O6/2 (Potential: 9)
Magical Aptitude 0 (usually)
Armor Points 1 + armor
Weapon Unarmed (O6+1)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-3
Weapon2 (O6+2) Any weapon
Ini/Off/Def/Dam (As weapon)
Dodge D6/2
Hide O6
Move Quietly O6

Physical description

Lizard men are large, intelligent, humanoid reptiles. They have a long tail used to coordinate and speed up their swimming. Their skin is made up of small scales making the lizard men well protected. They are partially cold blooded, and if the temperature drops below 15°C they get slower and lose coordination. At 0°C they can barely move.


Lizard men normally wear no clothing except armor when going to war.

Social structure

The culture of lizard men is primitive and they rely heavily on brute force in solving problems. Male lizard men dominate totally. Females are rarely seen outside their own communities. A male may have 1–3 wives, and a dozen children are not uncommon. Their social rank system is often based on fighting skills alone.


Lizard men are usually warriors and hunters. Females catch fish and small animals and gather plants when they are not busy taking care of the children.

Special skills

Lizard men can hold their breath for 30 minutes. They get -3 in riding potential and +15 in swimming potential. They have night vision.

Mental description

Lizard men are rude and persistent and they almost never surrender. This makes them very dangerous opponents to fight. Females are more calm and caring as their lives are mostly devoted to raising children.

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