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Domain Death & Reincarnation
Signifying Number 8
Symbol Kraagh.png
Holy Day 8 Kraagh
Special Powers Black Magick
Priest Rank Priest
Kraagh's Attributes
Size 12
Strength 30
Endurance 30
Coordination 40
Learning 15
Awareness 15
Magical Aptitude 70
AP/BP/MD 15/35(immortal)/33
Melee Weapon Scythe of Termination
Off/Def/Dam 40/50/Instant death
Missile Weapon Great Bow w/Death Arrows
Off/Dam/Range 35/Instant Death/300
Magic: Dark (non-undead) 70
Spells All spells < DR 70

Kraagh is the Recycler of Souls. He holds the power over who's time it is and can take lives of mortals as easy as he can serve a newborn with a recycled soul. He ensures to keep the game of life going by eradicating all memories of past lives. While his followers gain special powers in Black Magick, Kraagh despises any necromancy. The art of necromancy, of raising the dead bodies as zombies or worse is the works of Mestronorpha and is considered cheating death by Kraagh worshippers.

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