King Eagle

From Amar RPG
King Eagle
Expected lifespan 25
Move 400
Size ½
Strength 1
Endurance D6+1
Coordination 2D6+8
Awareness 2D6+8
Learning 1
Magical Aptitude 0
Armor Points 0
Weapon Unarmed (D6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-3
Dodge D6
Hide D6+2
Move Quietly D6+4

General description

The king eagle is a large and long winged eagle with quite a long tail. Adults are dark brown all over, sometimes with golden brown hood and neck. The beak and claws are extremely powerful. The king eagle is known for killing animals as large as wolves. It lives in mountains.

Social structure

King eagles live in pairs.


The king eagle will fly at great heights and look for prey or a carcass. If a prey is spotted, the eagle will dive with the wings light to the body and set the powerful claws into its victim. King eagles usually hunt rabbits and young animals. They can carry a prey of up to 3 kg while flying. When attacking larger creatures, the king eagle will make a series of dive attacks.

Mental description

The king eagle has for centuries been trained to hunt and kill wolves by putting one claw over their snout and strangling them. In the wilderness, the king eagle is rather shy, but not directly afraid of humans. They will defend their nests with great courage. A couple will stick together for a lifetime.

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