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Domain Entertainment
Signifying Number 10
Symbol Juba.png
Holy Day 10 Juba
Special Powers Music/Dance skills
Priest Rank Jester
Juba's Attributes
Size 5
Strength 30
Endurance 50
Coordination 50
Learning 15
Awareness 15
Magical Aptitude 50
AP/BP/MD 5/30(immortal)/33
Melee Weapon Whip of Joy
Off/Def/Dam 50/55/+8
Missile Weapon Throwing Knife(+5)
Off/Dam/Range 50/+10/50
Magic: Juba 50
Spells All spells < DR 50

The Entertainer, Jester, Trubadour and Bard. Juba is the clown among Gods, the bringer of smiles and laughter, the ultimate optimist and the soother of pain. He is worshipped by entertainers, trubadours, bards, clowns and actors.

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