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| data10      = 1
| data10      = 1
| label11    = Weapon
| label11    = Weapon
| data11      = Unarmed
| data11      = Unarmed (D6+3)
| label12    = Ini/Off/Def/Dam
| label12    = Ini/Off/Def/Dam
| data12      = 5/-1/-3/-2
| data12      = 5/-1/-3/-2

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Expected lifespan 70
Move 110
Size D6/2+2
Strength D6+8
Endurance D6+5
Coordination D6+8
Awareness 2D6+9
Learning D6/2
Magical Aptitude D6
Armor Points 1
Weapon Unarmed (D6+3)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-1/-3/-2
Dodge D6
Hide D6
Move Quietly D6+1

General description

Griffins have a large wing span, but due to their heavy body and the lack of a bird’s tail, they have poor maneuvrability in the air. They use warm air currents to climb and they fly mostly by gliding. Their average carrying capacity is 30 kg.

Social structure

Griffins live in family groups of up to 12. They choose a mate for life. Lairs are usually found in mountain regions, often near mountain peaks.


Horsemeat or meat from other such large animals (deer etc.) is prefered, but these animals are always hunted by groups of griffins. Solitary griffins hunt animals of size 3 or below. Their hunting methods are similar to that of the eagle and when they hunt in groups, they attack the victim from different directions.

Mental description

Griffins are cunning animals and they can easily be trained to do various tasks. They are very loyal if you befriend them. Griffins are not very aggressive but when their family or lair is threatened, they become an awesome fighting force.

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