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Domain Diplomacy
Signifying Number 2
Symbol Fooradur.png
Holy Day 2 Moltan
Special Powers Social Lore
Priest Rank Diplomat
Fooradur's Attributes
Size 3
Strength 50
Endurance 50
Coordination 25
Learning 15
Awareness 10
Magical Aptitude 30
AP/BP/MD 15/30(immortal)/40
Melee Weapon Great War Hammer(+6)
Off/Def/Dam 30/35/+30
Missile Weapon Great X-Bow(+4)
Off/Dam/Range 30/+15/250
Magic: Fooradur 30
Spells All spells < DR 30

The God of Diplomacy is half human, half Dwarf. He is the reason why there has been few conflicts between the two races. Fooradur continually tries to extend his reach in mitigating conflicts between all races. He is cool, calm and collected, as is his followers - both humans, dwarves and some followers from other races. They are often hired as peace keepers and conflict resolution consultants.

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