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Domain Natural Magick
Signifying Number
Symbol Fionella.png
Holy Day 21 Anashina
Special Powers Rituals
Priest Rank Witch
Fionella's Attributes
Size 6
Strength 25
Endurance 25
Coordination 25
Learning 23
Awareness 20
Magical Aptitude 100
AP/BP/MD 5/20(immortal)/41
Melee Weapon Witch's Staff
Off/Def/Dam 25/30/+10
Missile Weapon Great Bow
Off/Dam/Range 30/+15/200
Magic: Natural/Ritual 100
Spells All spells < DR 100

Fionella finds magick in the nature. She draws upon the magick of everywhere and creates rituals to focus the magick the way she wants. Her followers build upon her body of knowledge to come up with new rituals. She is quite wicked and evil and her followers tend to be of the same disposition. The are considered leeches on other's magick and selfish in nature.

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