Fal Munir

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Fal Munir
Domain Knowledgea & Wisdom
Signifying Number 7
Symbol Falmunir.png
Holy Day 7 Fal Munir
Special Powers Learning
Priest Rank Sage
Fal Munir's Attributes
Size 8
Strength 20
Endurance 20
Coordination 30
Learning 30
Awareness 20
Magical Aptitude 100
AP/BP/MD 5/22(immortal)/50
Melee Weapon The Staff of Magi(+5)
Off/Def/Dam 30/35/+12
Missile Weapon None
Off/Dam/Range None
Magic: All basic types 80
Spells All spells < DR 80

The Sage and Oracle among the Gods are worshipped by those seeking truth through knowledge and contemplation. Fal Munir is the wise, old and weathered sage on an eternal quest to find out… everything.

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