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Expected lifespan 100-1000
Move 2O6*8
Size O6
Strength 2O6
Endurance 3O6
Coordination 3O6
Awareness 3O6
Learning O6+2
Magical Aptitude 4O6
Armor Points As armor + O6-2
Weapon Unarmed (2O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-4 (usually)
Weapon2 Any weapon (2O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam As weapon
Dodge 3O6
Hide 3O6
Move Quietly 3O6

Perhaps the earliest inhabitants on Amar were the faeries. Their origin was the Faery Wood and it is still the faery stronghold. Because it has been enchanted with faery magic for eons, it is the safest place for any faery on Amar.

Faeries are the creatures from the Otherworld, another plane of existence beyond even the imagination of man. Little is known about this magically native world of the faeries exept that it grants strange and mighty powers to its inhabitants. It is believed that all faeries in Otherworld live in harmony and peace and that glory and happiness, magic and wonders are the ways of life. Death is an unknown state in the Otherworld, and any faery slain in the real world leaves its body and travels back to Otherworld to find a new one. This will bannish them from the “real world” for some time. No one knows for how long, though. The faery people are not a part of the usual life and death reincarnation cycle. Some faeries find the happy life in the Otherworld lacking challenges and so they leave it in preference for an adventure in the “real world.” Most of the faeries on Amar may swap back and forth to the Otherworld at will and at all times. Other faeries may be restricted either by time or place. Some may only go back to the Otherworld near an oak tree, others may not swap back except at equinox and so on.

There are more types of faeries than there are trees in the Faery Wood. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They may be as large as giants or as small as an ant. Some have wings and some have fur. Most faeries look kind of human, but others may look like animals or even horrid nightmares. They range from extreme beauty to extreme ugliness. But as their physical apperance shows an outstanding variation they have some common mental features. Faeries are bound to aesthetics though their sense of what is beautiful and what is ugly comes in many forms. They have a high appreciation for music and much of the faery magic is based on it. Most faeries are shy and very selfish. They often keep away from other intelligent creatures. In some cases their overgrown curiosity takes over and faeries can be seen in areas densely populated by humans.

Since faeries can’t really die, time is no threat to them and they have a careless attitude towards time. They are very patient. If some foolhardy person should ever enter the Faery Wood he would probably hear the singing and chanting of joyful faeries. Even though they are usually selfish and careless, most of them are happy and cheerful. This does not mean however that there are no real evil amongst the faeries. There is indeed. Some are down to the bottom malicious and suppressive, and these are truly dangerous to man.

Faeries may seem very powerful and without any weak points at first glance. Yes, they are powerful but they are not invincible. All faeries have an aversion to iron. They feel pain in the vicinity of iron and iron weapons do double damage when, or rather if, it hits a faery. Most faeries are hopeless to combat as they are quick as lightning and many may just swap back to the Otherworld in the middle of a fight. The GM should take care when playing faeries. Remember; they are elusive and almost all faeries don’t care much for human companionship.

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