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This page has listed different experimental game systems that can be used in the Amar Role Playing Game. Note that these game variants are experimental, and therefore, the systems might seem unbalanced, or doesn't cover every part of the original system.

Dynamic Spells System

A fully dynamic spells system has been floating for years. The idea is to let characters compose any spell within a path and calculate a totat DR for casting the spell. The table below shows a set of spell charactersitics and a corresponding DR for each. Simply add the DR for each characteristic (column) to get the total DR for that spell.

Dynamic Spells System
DR A/P Resist? CT Dur Rng Weight AoE (+/-Dam) (Senses)
0 A Y 3h Inst. T 1g 0 D-4
1 30m 1r 1m 1kg 1m D-2 1
2 5m 2r 5m 5kg 5m D
3 P N 1m 5r 10m 20kg 10m D+2 2
4 5r 1m 20m 100kg 20m D+4 3
5 2r 5m 50m 300kg 50m D+6 4
6 1r 30m 100m 1000kg 100m D+8 5
A Lightning Bolt with a Range of 20 meters (DR 4), doing D+2 in Damage (DR 3) and with a Casting Time of 1 Round (DR 6) would have a total DR of 13.
A Silence spell (affects one sense, DR 1) with Casting Time of 5 Rounds (DR 4), Duration of 2 Rounds (DR 2) and non-resistable (DR 3) would have a total DR of 10.